Welcome to Living and Loving our Best Life

We are so glad you are here. I want to tell you a little about me and my family. My name is Noelle. I love being a Mom, cooking, baking, taking road trips (especially to the beach), visiting our local events, testing new products, getting a good deal, using my Cricut and writing this blog. I’m a Mom of 2 boys with food allergies. Before having kids I worked as a registered nurse in Internal Medicine and Oncology. I loved helping people, but once I had my oldest son, I wanted to stay home with him. My husband is a software architect and owns his own company. He works from home. I currently homeschool our two boys. That is one of our first very unexpected life changes. I never wanted to be a homeschool Mom, but we decided that’s what is best for our kids at this time in their life. We have embraced it. I support Moms who send their kids to public school, private school, or homeschool. I love school choice, and I believe that not all families are called to go down the same path, and that path may even change over time. Being a Mom is hard. We should all support each other in doing what is best for our kids.

My husband’s business started out on pretty solid ground when he first started it 6 years ago, which is great. I know that doesn’t always happen. The past 2 years he was doing really awesome with his business, and we were on top of the mountain. We were able to purchase our house, and even pay cash for 2 of our vehicles. Then, last Fall all of a sudden work with one of his biggest clients came to a screeching halt!

That was our most recent, unexpected big change. It has been really tough to be in this valley, and it has really tested our faith and even affected our health. I can’t say that it has been fun, but it has encouraged my husband to grow and stretch in his business. It has also caused me to launch my blog, which is something I have been wanting to do for years! I never thought I had enough time, but now I am going to make time to do this for me and my family. There is a positive and negative side to everything, and I believe we are finally seeing the positives in our latest change.

My family loves to travel, and we usually take road trips. We drive from Wisconsin down to Florida about twice a year. We love the ocean, and we make a beeline for it when it gets below zero here. We also love to stop and see museums and historical sites we haven’t ever been to before in each state. Flying is great for getting somewhere quickly, but road trips allow you to see parts of America that you haven’t ever been to. My kids do homeschool via video classes, so they are able to get their work done as we travel.

Last Summer we purchased an RV to make road trips more convenient and comfortable and took our first big trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We are hoping to take more big trips soon and look forward to sharing our trips in our Winnebago with you.

I’ve wanted to blog for years because I love sharing my tips and opinions. I love recommending new products, just as much as I love reading reviews for new products before I buy them. I look forward to sharing reviews about products we use on here, as well as sharing deals that I find along the way. I will also be posting pictures and reviews of places we’ve stayed in our past vacations. I love to learn about new places to visit, and I hope you will too. We’ve stayed in hotels, our RV and used AirBNBs.

We will also include recipes in our blog. Having 2 boys with food allergies makes cooking and baking hard somedays. Also, my husband is on a low carb diet, and somedays it’s hard to make one meal to fit everyone’s needs. I love finding new recipes that work for all of us, or safe new snacks for my kids. If you don’t have food allergies these recipes will still work for you and be yummy, and nutritious.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. We don’t always love all the changes in life, but we are trying to embrace them. With prayers and our faith we are figuring out how to live our best life yet