Have you tried the new Dole Whips and Dole Whip Nachos at Disney World?

Have you tried the new Dole Whips and Dole Whip Nachos at Disney World?

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I don’t know about you, but I love Pineapple Dole Whips and Pineapple Dole Whips swirled with vanilla! My Mother in Law, Kelly is also quite a fan of Dole Whips, and she was with us on this trip to Disney World. My husband likes them too, but his favorite is the Orange-Swirl Dole Whip. Did you know they also have a Lime Dole Whip now? For the month of February, they also have a specially themed Cinderella Dole Whip for the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella! It was a beautiful Dole Whip complete with edible glitter and a white chocolate clock! We also found Dole Whip Nachos at Disney Springs! Keep reading to find out exactly where all of this new Dole Whip deliciousness can be found!

Our sweet server made our special Cinderella Dole whip and the Lime and Pineapple Swirl Dole Whips for us before we headed home. If you look closely, you can see the pretty edible glitter on the Cinderella Dole Whip!

We had a great time during our vacation at Disney World by staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. You can read all about that adventure here. On our last day before Kelly, had to head to the airport, and before we headed for one last trip to the beach, we decided to go to Disney Springs! We had heard that they now have Pineapple Dole Whips at The Marketplace Snacks at Disney Springs. Kelly wanted to go to a few stores near The Market Place Snacks, while we went for one last stock up of Erin McKenna’s Doughnuts for my boys with Gluten and Egg allergies. She excitedly texted me that The Market Place has Dole Whip Nachos! I reminded her that we were going to stop at The Polynesian for our Dole Whips to try the new Cinderella Dole Whip. She said, not to worry, she would have room for both on her last day of vacation!

The Market Place Snacks, not only has Dole Whip Nachos, but they also serve Dole Whip Pineapple Floats, regular Pineapple Dole Whips, and Pineapple-swirl Dole Whips. They also have Minute Maid Blue Raspberry Olaf Slushie and a Red Raspberry Slushie. These come in an adorable tall cup with a light-up Olaf or Elsa! Kelly asked if she could just buy and Olaf and Elsa for my niece and nephew, but Megan said, they could only be purchased with the drink and cup. They also have an Olaf Blue Raspberry Slushie made to look like Olaf with Vanilla Dole Whip and Chocolate Chips and what looks like an Olaf Candy head. We were not able to try these, but they sure are a cute treat for any Frozen fans! So back to the Dole Whip Nachos, I’m sure you all what to know what are in Dole Whip Nachos because I sure did! Megan put a normal-sized serving of Pineapple Dole Whip in the center of a large bowl and carefully layered pieces of waffle red and tan waffle cone around it. She also added fresh pineapple, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and tapioca pearl beads on top to make the beautiful plate of Dole Whip Nachos. Kelly said they were magically delicious.

On the way back to Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village to pick up our luggage and drop off Kelly for the Magical Express, we stopped at The Polynesian Resort. This is one of our favorite Resorts, and we always have to visit. We love all of the restaurants including their quick service. The lobby is so calming and immediately gives you that island feel. We went out the back door to the Pineapple Lanai where the special Cinderella 70th Anniversary Dole whip and Lime Dole Whip are served. Kelly, my husband, Nick and I all decided to get the 3 flavors of Dole Whip to share, so we could taste each one. Of course, the Pineapple-swirl Dole Whip was amazing as always. To be honest, Nick and I gobbled that down while Kelly tasted the Cinderella Special. It sure was pretty with the edible glitter and pearl beads, but the flavor is vanilla, so flavor-wise she said she still prefers the Pineapple Dole Whip. Nick and I did not taste the Cinderella Dole Whip, because we are gluten-free. We asked the servers for an ingredient list, and there are wheat products in the pearl bead. Now, if you are gluten-free too, you can definitely talk to the Chef and ask for the pearl beads to be left off, because they do assemble them right when you order. I was more interested in the Pineapple Dole Whip at the time, so I just ate that one. We all did try the Lime Dole Whip. I love Key Lime Pie and was hoping it would taste somewhat similar. It did not. The lime flavor was more like that of lime jello. Now if you are a fan of lime, you may love it, but we all really still prefer the classic Pineapple Dole Whip. It was still super fun to try all of the new to us Dole Whip Treats. The Cinderella Dole Whip is so beautiful and would be a special treat for any Cinderella fan.

The Pineapple Lanai is right outside of The Polynesian Resort!
Kelly trying out the sparkly Cinderella Dole Whip

Of course, there are many other places to get Dole Whips at Disney World, but these were our favorite discoveries outside of the parks during this visit. If you are visiting Disney World soon, we hope you will at least try one Dole Whip or the Dole Whip Nachos! The regular flavors of Dole Whip are gluten-free and egg-free, so it’s our favorite special treat at Disney World with our allergies. Our boys love the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars too, but that’s another post for another day.

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