The 10 Most Awesome Things about Legoland Resort Florida!

The 10 Most Awesome Things about Legoland Resort Florida!

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This January we got to visit the Legoland Resort in Florida and the Legoland Theme Park! My 2 sons are huge Lego fans, so they were very excited to get to stay in the Legoland Resort with Lego-themed rooms, a special Monster-free, Lego-themed bunk bed area for kids to sleep in, multiple Lego-themed activities and even a Lego disco party in the elevator! How cool is that!?! My kids thought everything was very, very, awesome!

This cute bench is right in the entrance to the Legoland Resort!

#1. Legos are Everywhere! Upon driving into the Legoland Resort driveway, you will be greeted by Lego statues and Lego decorations everywhere. We had to take pictures right away next to the Lego characters outside. Then, you walk inside, and there are more Lego decorations, hundreds of Lego characters behind the check-in, Legos to play with, in the middle of the entryway floor, (don’t worry Moms the Legos are contained) and Lego activities to sign up for when you check-in! Make sure you sign up for the Master Builder Class and fun, nightly family activities right when you check-in.

#2. The Disco Party in the Elevator– One of the most fun things about the Legoland Resort is that when you get on the elevator a colorful disco light starts swirling around and music from the Lego movie starts playing. It makes you want to dance, and before you know it, you have arrived on your Lego-themed floor! My kids had so much fun in that elevator, and for this Mom who doesn’t usually love being in an elevator, I even thought it was fun! When the elevator door opens, you will be on your special Lego-themed floor that will then take you to your Lego-themed room. Did I mention there are lots of Legos and Lego characters everywhere? This visit we stayed in an Adventure themed room.

#3. The Lego Themed Rooms! No matter which one of the five different themes you pick, your room is sure to be a winner. We had previously stayed in one of the Pirate themed rooms, but this time we stayed in an Adventure themed room. They also have Lego Movie themed rooms, Kingdom Rooms and Lego Friends themed rooms. Our Adventure themed room was a little bit Egyptian mixed with what a Lego Indian Jones movie might look like. My boys loved it. There is a kid’s area with bunk beds, their own tv, and a scavenger hunt that ended with Lego prizes for both of our boys each day. The parent’s area of the room has a king-sized bed, a desk, a mini-fridge, Keurig coffee maker, nightstands, and a small chair as well as a big tv. The bathroom is amazing too. They have Lego branded soaps and shampoos, a stool for kids, a bathtub, a toilet with a potty seat built into the top of the toilet, and more Lego decor. It’s so nice for parents of small children not to have to bring a potty seat or stool when traveling! They really thought of everything! Even the carpet is Lego-themed. If you have a child who loves Lego, or you are a Lego fan yourself, this is definitely an awesome place to stay!

#4. All of the Lego activities! They had a Lego Master build at different times each evening. Be sure to sign up for this when you check-in and each morning afterward. There are also nightly games and activities near the castle that you can sign up for. You can also just take your kids downstairs to play with the Legos in the middle of the hotel, and there is a huge play castle they can play in, with more Legos. There is also a gift shop with Lego-themed gifts and toys, and there is a swimming pool with floating Lego bricks.

#5. The SkyLine Cafe and Lounge– We loved the Skyline Restaurant! The servers were all super friendly, and they were knowledgable about our food allergies. A chef came out to talk to us about my son’s egg allergy and made sure he had a safe cheeseburger and fries to eat. My son was ecstatic when they also brought out his burger with a Lego branded into the bun. My youngest son is gluten-free, and they also had several gluten-free options for him at the SkyLine Cafe. I was impressed that the chef came out to talk to us and put our minds at ease.

My boys at the Skyline Cafe and Lounge

#6. Breakfast is Included! Breakfast at the buffet is included with your nightly room reservations. My sons chose to eat cereal they brought with them in the room so they could sleep longer, but my husband did go down for breakfast each morning. He said they had a lot of choices. I had talked to one of the servers, and she said that if we came down to breakfast, I should just speak to one of the chefs about my sons’ food allergies. They did have lots of choices including wrapped fruit, and boxed cereal, besides all of the hot food that was available. There should be something for everyone at the breakfast buffet.

The Bricks Family Restaurant. There are even Lego Creations in the Restaurant!

#7. The heated pool with floating Lego bricks! I have to be honest, even though it was open, we did not get to try out the heated pool when we were there. It was a little cold at night for us. Even though we are from Wisconsin and used to cold weather, we did not attempt swimming in the pool since it was not even 70 degrees. They did have lifeguards sitting outside in their polar fleece jackets, and there were a few brave souls swimming. It did look really fun. We will definitely have to go back sometime when it’s warmer, so we can swim with floating Legos!

The Resort Pool looks beautiful, and I hear that it’s heated.

#8. The Character Meet and Greets-Every evening around dinner time, they had a few different Lego characters come out to the activity area in between the restaurants. Kids can get pictures with and meet the Lego characters. My kids thought it was so cool to see the Lego characters as we were eating dinner at the Skyline Cafe! We also ran into a Lego character on the morning of our departure. Check with the front desk for all of the times the Lego Characters will be out greeting and taking photos with kids.

#9. The Master Builder Class– My Boys loved the Master Builder Lego Class. They would sit in the room with other kids and parents and follow the simple step by step instructions that the Master builder gave them to help them build their Lego Creation. There are chairs for parents to sit on in the back of the room, or if needed parents can help their child build their Lego project. Every child who is signed up gets a Lego kit when they come into the room, and they get to keep their creation at the end of the class. The classes fill up quickly, but there are several each night. I believe it was each hour from 4 pm to 7 pm each night when we were there. In this class, my boys built a space ship that they got to keep!

Getting step by step instructions to build a space ship!

#10. The Castle! My kids had a lot of fun just running through and playing in the Castle with other kids. There are soft benches surrounding the castle that parents can sit on, or it is also visible from the Skyline Cafe, so you could get a drink and appetizer or dessert and watch your kids play. At the end of the night, there is a pajama dance party and parade at the Castle led by a few Lego characters. When we were there it was a joker and court jester, but I have heard the characters vary at times. Either way, it’s a good way to burn off some energy before bedtime!

Bonus reason #11.– The Lego Times is delivered to your room each morning! Isn’t this cute!?! Have your child open the door in the morning to find a Lego-themed newspaper with information about Legoland Park and other fun stories. They really do think of everything at Legoland Resort Florida. We had a really fun stay, and we can’t wait to come back again someday soon!

If you plan on going to Legoland the day after your hotel stay, you might want to order one of these Lego hats from Amazon before you leave home! Lots of people are getting them for their kids to wear their Lego characters on that they want to trade at the park! These Lego Sunglasses would also make a fun surprise for your Lego fan to wear at the park.

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