Tummygize-Treat your tummy right

Tummygize-Treat your tummy right

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Well, yesterday our morning got off to an unexpected start! We woke up to weird noises coming from our children’s bathroom. It’s definitely one of the things that can be a parent’s worst nightmare!

We were planning on going to church, but our oldest son was definitely having tummy trouble. My husband was a gem and was the first one to get out of bed, while I was still trying to wake up, and comprehend what was happening. I finally was alert enough to say, “Use the Tummygize on him!”.

When your children have stomach discomfort of any sort, Tummygize can come to the rescue to support stomach health. I am so glad someone told us about it a few years ago, and now I make sure we always have a few in the house. I also keep one in my purse, since my oldest tends to get queasy on car rides, and usually doesn’t have too much warning when we are traveling. I also use it for me! It helps support my balance if I rub a little in front of my ear on my jawbone and on the little boney area behind my ear. It even allows me to go on spinny rides at Disney World with my kids.

He started feeling better after I rubbed a few drops on his belly and had him sip some lukewarm water. We heated up a hot rice pack to put on his belly to help decrease the cramping. I reapply the Tummygize every couple of hours as needed. His brother was having tummy discomfort as well a few hours later, so I applied Tummygize on him too. He fared much better than his older brother. My husband and I also put some Tummygize on our bellies preventatively, since we were the ones taking care of the kids, and parents have to stay as healthy as possible. However, we also use this if we have stomach discomfort after we eat, or if someone is just having trouble going to the bathroom. It works if someone needs to go to the bathroom or is going to much! Essential oils are great at balancing our bodies. Isn’t that great!?! Sometimes medications can work the opposite way. That’s why I love having a natural way to support our bodies.

You can get Tummygize from Young Living. It is part of their Kidscents line with pre-diluted oils formulated especially for kids! It is $17.11 Retail, but only $13 Wholesale. I am so glad that I get the Wholesale Price from Young Living with my membership. We have saved so much money and support our health this way. Tummygize includes a blend of these oils: Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine peel oil, Anise seed oil, Fennel oil, Ginger root, and Cardamom. This blend can be diffused or massaged gently into the tummy. To sign up for a Young Living wholesale membership, you can click this link here or message me with any questions!

Young Living has a variety of different kits, some that also contain a diffuser that gives you a Young Living Membership with purchase, and some that are smaller or mainly contain the Thieves product line. You don’t have to ever sell anything with Young Living, and you get the discounted price of 24% off your future purchases. Digize comes in the Premium Starter Kit, and it is amazing and recommended for adults for stomach health. Tummygize is already pre-diluted and perfect for kids. If you don’t have Tummygize, a little Peppermint essential oil diluted in coconut oil can also help soothe uncomfortable bellies too, but Tummygize is definitely a favorite in our house. I keep one in my purse, one downstairs, and one in each of our bathrooms, so we always can get to it quickly! It’s a staple in our house! Please email me at [email protected] with any questions about essential oils.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how to use them, I would recommend buying an essential oil reference book similar to this one!

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