Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

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I know Christmas is still a few months off, but when do you start doing your Christmas shopping? I usually start about now. I love to find deals, and it helps us to spread the Christmas shopping money out. I will be posting deals on this blog as I find them, so you can have a Merrier Christmas too!

My boys are obsessed with Legos. They have a Lego playroom, and they are always looking for the next amazing set to buy. They also like doing the Lego Advent calendars each year. Since I have 2 boys I have to find 2 different themed sets, so they won’t get them mixed up and hopefully there won’t be any fighting. I did see that those were already on sale at Costco and Amazon. They had a Lego friends Advent Calendar and a Lego City one on sale. My boys are also into StarWars now, so I’ll have to keep looking for a deal on those. Amazon also had Lego City and Lego Friends on sale for around $23.99. You can get the Lego City Advent Calendar or the adorable Lego Friends Advent Calendar by clicking on these highlighted Amazon affiliate links.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What deals are you looking for this year?

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  • Amazing that in the month of October we start to plan for Christmas. I do suppose that doing your shopping online is a good way to avoid the Christmas rush. I do enjoy seeing and touching the toys and special seasonal items, at the stores. I just heard this week, a local store will be having their annual “Christmas Toys” sale. How fun, that we are also able to attend the yearly “Craft Shows! I can feel the excitement building….and it is only October!