Free Printable Advent Calendar Scavenger Hunt For your Kids

Free Printable Advent Calendar Scavenger Hunt For your Kids

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The boys reading one of their clues!

Does your family do an Advent Calendar? When I was growing up, we usually got a chocolate Advent Calendar when we went to get our Christmas Tree. We would go home, decorate our tree, and probably the next day, we would get to start our Advent Calendar.

I love the tradition of Advent Calendars, and I believe it helps kids as they eagerly wait for Christmas to have an Advent Calendar. We buy our kids a chocolate one free of their allergens, but the past few years, we have also purchased LEGO Advent Calendars as part of their Christmas present too. I do also use them to motivate my children too. They don’t get to open them until they are done with school and their homework. On weekends, I make sure the chores are done, before letting them open their Advent Calendars.

The boys were happy to finally find their LEGO and chocolate Advent Calendars. They can’t wait until tomorrow!

This year I purchased their Advent Calendars really early and got a great deal on them on Amazon. Costco also had great prices on the LEGO Advent Calendars the last time I was there. Amazon still has a few left, like this LEGO Friends Advent Calendar, or this Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar that is great for kids of any age and is reusable! Here are the Madeline Chocolate Advent Calendars we purchase each year. We love their chocolate. It’s delicious, and it is free of gluten and eggs!

One of the things our kids love to do is have a scavenger hunt for some of their special gifts, like the Advent Calenders. How many times do you have a fun activity for your kids that actually takes less time to set up than it does for them to do it? If you’re anything like me, not too many. However, if you fill out the form below, we will email you the link to download a FREE PDF of our scavenger hunt clues that you can print. It will take just minutes to hide, and if you hide the clues well, it will probably take your kids a good half hour to enjoy!

They got the first clue and are ready to begin!
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Another fun thing we do leading up to Christmas, is we usually read a book like Jotham’s Journey! They tell the Christmas story from the view of a child that might have lived during the time when Jesus was being born. It really made the Christmas story come alive to our kids and helped us all learn some of the history and traditions during that time. They are very interesting stories, and it is so much fun to spend some quality as a family reading these stories together. There are 2 other books in this Storybooks for Advent series. One is Tabitha’s Travels, and the other is Bartholomew’s Passage. We have read all of these stories and love them and the viewpoints into what could have happened during Bible times. If you want these books instantly, you can also download them with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program. Right now you can get your first month free, and they can be downloaded to any device! We use Kindle downloadable books often!

One of our favorite books to read together as a family during Christmas

If you don’t do Advent Calendars, feel free to comment below and tell us your favorite and holiday or Christmas traditions. I wish you and your family the best holiday season and hope you can find plenty of family-centered activities to create memories with your loved ones!

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