Have You Ever Done a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt? * Free Printable Included

Have You Ever Done a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt? * Free Printable Included

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Have you ever done a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt? We started doing this when my kids were pretty young, and they loved it. Now it has become a holiday tradition. There are a few places near us where we can go and pay to drive through and see lights. However, our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods have some really great lights too!

The dancing light show in our neighborhood

Whenever we are out doing errands and return home when it’s dark, my youngest asks if we can go see lights. We usually at least drive around our subdivision, and my kids love to see how many different kinds of lights they can see. Angels, Stars, Snowmen, and Nativities are some of my kids’ favorites. One house even had a Santa with a sleigh on the roof! They love the special characters they see along the way too. Having a checklist of which lights they see is fun for kids and helps the memory last longer. Plus it helps them focus on looking at the lights.

Our Christmas decorations at our first house

When they were younger, unfortunately, my boys got croup often. Any parent who has a kid on steroids or nebulizer treatments knows they get super hyper, and it’s hard to get them to bed. The cold air was also good for the Croup, so we would bundle them up and drive around in our minivan, with a window near them cracked open and go look at Christmas lights before bed. It usually helped to settle their cough, and they were tired by the time we got back home. Going to see Christmas Lights became something we did often in the Winter! I was so sad in January when people took their lights down!

I hope you have only happy reasons to go see Christmas lights this year. Whatever your reason for going to see Christmas Lights, this Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable can add to the fun of seeing lights with your family and friends.

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