My Review of Frozen 2 and How We Made Olaf Snowman Sundaes!

My Review of Frozen 2 and How We Made Olaf Snowman Sundaes!

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After loving the original Frozen movie so much, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Frozen 2! I had read some good reviews about Frozen 2, but most did mention there could be some intense parts. I was a little worried about how my sensitive 8 yr. old would do with the intense scenes since the last superhero movie we took him to was a disaster. Parents of young children rest assured it went well and ended on a happy note, as it usually does with a Disney movie. I do however have some advice. See my Mom tip below.

My youngest channeling his Frozen powers

Mom tip: If you have a young child or a child who tends to be sensitive to intense movie scenes you may want to let them bring a stuffed animal along to hug. I wish I had let my youngest bring his stuffed Olaf along, to hug during moments he might have deemed scary. However, he was fine during Frozen 2, and especially after he had seen the whole movie and realized that everything works together for good in the end. As Olaf sings in the movie, “This will all make sense when I’m older…”, apparently, even when your kids are just a few minutes older at the end of the movie. There were several young children in our movie theater, and no one was crying, so don’t worry. It is a great movie for the whole family. If you do have young children, we would suggest trying to go during the weekday, and early morning or afternoon times. These were always the best movies times for us when we had young children. Usually, people don’t mind as much if they make noise, and we usually didn’t have any problems with my kids sitting still as long as they had something to drink and a snack. This movie also has lots of scenes with music which tend to hold the attention of little ones more too.

My boys both still love Olaf and appreciate all of his jokes.

I have to tell you, my kids were listening to the Frozen 2 soundtrack for days before the movie even came out. They loved the songs! It was a nice little preview for what the movie was going to be about, so if you haven’t been able to go to the movie yet, get the soundtrack! We love it. You can access it on Amazon Music, just click this link here.

I’ll tell you my favorite parts of the Frozen 2 without giving away any important pieces. I love how the movie starts out. It definitely gives more insight to the relationship that Anna and Elsa had with their parents and each other, as there is a special scene where their Father tells them a true to life bedtime story about his experience in the Enchanted Forest. Then, there is a lovely scene where their Mother tucks Anna and Elsa in. Parts of it were in the previews, so I’m not giving anything away. As a Mom, it was a precious scene. It ended up being one of my favorites.

There were a lot of fun and funny scenes in this movie. I love how all of the characters interact with each other. There is a lot more development to everyone’s relationships. I love how loyal Anna and Elsa are to each other and how loyal they are to Arendelle. Anna’s not going to let Elsa leave her behind this time, and they all work together to fix the past and save Arendelle. Neither Anna nor Elsa give up when things get hard, and it’s a really good example for kids to keep trying. When they aren’t sure what to do, they just do the next right thing.

Olaf was a hit in Frozen 2! I believe he was an even bigger hit than in the original Frozen. He definitely will melt your heart. Olaf was hilarious and kept most of the intense scenes light with his constant jokes. My kids loved the scene where he sang, “When I am Older”. In fact, when we got home my boys decided to make Olaf inspired ice cream sundaes. They used ice cream for the body and cut strips of Hershey bars for the arms and hairpieces. Chocolate chips and a carrot decorated his face and body. They were thrilled with this simple Olaf themed dessert.

With me being the hopeless romantic that I am, I love the sappy side of Disney movies. I was more than happy that in Frozen 2 they continued developing Anna and Kristoff’s love story. Sven was still by Kristoff’s side all the time, offering him some much-needed advice! Kristoff and Sven’s interactions were funny in this movie as well, helping to make Frozen 2 a much more lighthearted movie.

My husband’s favorite part was when Kristoff sang “Lost in the Woods”. We feel like it channels anyone who was born in the 80’s inner child. It reminded him of several songs he loved growing up.

In summary, this is definitely a movie for the whole family! If you haven’t seen it yet, during the holidays would be the perfect time to go for a family activity that everyone will love. Don’t forget that you can get free tickets to see Frozen 2 now through 1/31/2020. It did take me 4 days to get my tickets instead of the 2 days they mention on the Fandango website, so just be prepared. It’s totally worth it for free tickets!

Frozen 2 is fun for everyone!
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