Not so long ago, in a Costco not too Far Away…

Not so long ago, in a Costco not too Far Away…

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We made a tremendous find at Costco today. If you have kids, and they’re anything like mine, they are probably SUPER into Star Wars and can riddle off at a moment’s notice any number of facts about Jedi, the Rebellion, the Sith, and the Empire.

Imagine their excitement when they get to be immersed in the world of Star Wars, and take on the role of a Rebellion X-Wing fighter pilot, a Tie Fighter Pilot, or in this case, a Storm Trooper on a Speeder Bike. In reality, it is a quadcopter made to look like some of the most iconic fighter vehicles from the Star Wars Galaxy.

There is a companion app you can download to your phone, or ideally a tablet, that allows you to pair the controller to your device and fly some practice missions with a virtual drone before taking the real thing airborne. I think this is a great idea because this drone can reach speeds of a blistering 35mph (thankfully they do come with 3 speed levels, beginner through advanced), and you want to make sure your kids (it is recommended for ages 14+) are comfortable knowing how to operate and calmly respond to changing conditions.

What really takes this toy to the next level is that if you have more than one of this series, you can engage in a battle for the freedom of the Galaxy with your friends! Think Laser Tag at high speeds around a field or your neighborhood. The Companion App allows you to connect your fighters, set the round duration and commence battle. It will keep track of each fighter’s score, who shot who, and how many “lives” you have left. The more points you accumulate, the quicker you can watch your rank increase.

You can have up to 11 of your friends join in on the battle (12 players in all)!

I have to be honest, we saw these listed at Costco for $29.99 and my husband cannot wait to try them out! Unfortunately, they were selling fast and our Costco only hand a handful of them left (particularly if people are buying them 2+ at a time!). If you can’t find them at Costco, they are also available on Amazon at the slight premium of $34.89, but at least they qualify for Free Prime Shipping!

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