Annual Pumpkin Farm Visit

Annual Pumpkin Farm Visit

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Today was a family day. The weather was finally perfect for our annual Fall visit to Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm. We’ve been taking our kids to this Pumpkin farm every year since they were born. I even announced my pregnancy with my 2nd son here.

In 2010, we visited Jerry’s Smith’s Pumpkin Farm and then announced on FB that we were adding a new pumpkin to our patch.

They have yummy Fall snacks, apple cider, cookies, jams, jellies, and other preserves available in their store, and tons of Pumpkins outside for the kids to look through and pick their favorite one. They have an old, orange truck in the front that everyone loves to get their family picture by each year.

The most unique thing about Jerry Smith’s is that they use Pumpkins to create several different movie-themed scenes. My boys love to see what new ones they create each year and get their pictures taken in front of them. They also repeat some each year, and wouldn’t we be disappointed if they didn’t? My kids love to find their favorites. It’s a great free, fun, family activity. There is a section about halfway back, that you pay to get into, and you can see and feed animals, go in a corn maze, and they have a jumping blob, and different things for kids to play on. We didn’t have time to visit that section today, but we will definitely be back! It’s so nice to have such a wonderful, family-oriented activity so close to home. It made it feel so much like Fall, and we had to go home and make my favorite Butternut Squash soup in the Instant Pot.

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  • What a perfect Autumn adventure. And the children are learning about seasonal beauty, as well as how the food grows in the ground, or on the trees, and then is served at their table. How FUN!