Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Peppermint Essential Oil is one of my family’s favorites. It’s probably my Husband and Dad’s favorite. It gets used a lot at our house. It has a wonderful crisp, refreshing aroma. Here’s a list of several ways we use Peppermint Essential Oil in our family.

  • It’s great to smell to help wake you up in the morning.
  • My husband loves to add a few drops to a wet washcloth and place it in the back of the shower to help open his sinuses up while he’s showering.
  • Of course, it’s great in a diffuser anytime, especially for seasonal discomforts. Some people will mix it with Lavender in the Spring, and in the Winter, it’s great to do either lemon or orange with Peppermint in the diffuser.
  • My husband also likes to dilute some in coconut oil in a roller bottle and put a little over his checks and sinus area at night to help him breathe better and not snore as badly. * This would be a good time to mention not to get peppermint too close to your eyes. If you get it in your eyes, it will burn. It’s very aromatic, and it spreads, so steer clear of your eye area. If you do happen to get it in your eyes, wash your hands really good and then put a little coconut oil in the corner of your eye. Do not use water, because water makes it worse.
  • I like to put a little peppermint diluted in coconut oil on the bottom of my toes in Winter when I feel stuffy.
  • I also put it on my lower back and the bottom of the arch of my foot in the afternoon when I need a little pick me up of energy. I learned this trick when I was hot and felt exhausted at Disney World one afternoon. It helped cool me down and gave me some energy back, so now I do it every day.
  • It’s also nice to use in a lotion to put on your muscles after a workout to revive them.
  • When my kids are feeling a little off and too warm, I use the roller ball to put peppermint on their toes, and it cools them off enough that they can sleep.
  • I keep a rollerball of peppermint in my purse just in case anyone has stomach discomforts on a trip.
  • We also use diluted peppermint to rub on our temples or the back of our neck when we have tension in our heads and necks.
  • You can find instructions on how I make our Peppermint roller bottles in the video below. I use 3 things to make roller bottles: Liquid coconut oil, a glass roller ball (I purchase them from Amazon), and a bottle of Young Living Peppermint oil.

If you are wondering how to order YL essential oils you can click on my link here. You can also email me with any questions you may have about essential oils. I started with a Premium Starter Kit when I first was learning about essential oils. It has Young Living’s most commonly used oils along with a diffuser and thieves products. When someone buys one of YL’s kits, it also gives them YL’s discounted membership price on essential oils. We have a great group on FB where we teach about different essential oils and share how we use them in our daily lives. [email protected]

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