Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived

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Fall has arrived in Wisconsin, and we’ve started decorating the house. I do love the coolness of the crisp Fall air. Our leaves have already started to change on our Maple tree. We love all things apple and pumpkin at our house. I love Fall treats, Fall decor, and Fall sweaters. In Wisconsin today, it is definitely sweater weather.

Cole loves these Enjoy Life cookies!

My oldest son found these delicious cookies at our local grocery store last week. They are Apple Cider Doughnut, Enjoy Life Cookies. Enjoy Life Cookies are free from all of the major, common allergens, and my son has been enjoying them for a few years now. He was so excited that they came out with a fun new Fall flavor. It’s always super exciting to an allergy kid when there is something new and fun they can safely eat. Thanks, Enjoy Life. You should be able to find these at your local grocery store, and just an FYI, they do have coupons on their website. I love being able to use coupons for allergy-free treats.

This weekend we are planning on going to our local pumpkin farm. Do you have a favorite pumpkin patch that you like to visit every year? Our favorite local one is Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm. Each year they create different themed scenes from movies out of decorated pumpkins. Our kids love to get pictures taken in front of them, and they love all of the different activities at the farm including feeding animals.

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  • Love visiting thePumpkin Farm and selecting those just right pumpkins. The cool air and leaves beginning to turn make the event a must. Healthy snacks, apples, cider and squash soup are just some of my favorites!

  • Thankfulness is such an important lesson to teach young children as well as a great reminder to adults, even old ones like me! Especially at this time of year, when you see the bounty of the “Faithfulness of our CREATOR God, during the Harvest Season.” I think it is almost impossible, not be thankful. What better way to allow young children to OBSERVE that bounty, than at a “Pumpkin Farm,” where they are able to both OBSERVE and TOUCH those very crops, of the abundance of the AUTUMNAL harvest!