Young Living Black Friday Deals on Essential Oils and Diffuser Kits are extended!

Young Living Black Friday Deals on Essential Oils and Diffuser Kits are extended!

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Young Living has graciously extended their essential oil sale through Saturday night! You can get up to 20% off certain oils and great deals on Diffuser sets that come with oils too! It’s a great time of year to stock up on essential oils to keep your family healthy through the Winter. These also make great presents. YL has very high-quality oils. You can find out more about that here. They are not the same as buying oils at Drug Stores or Grocery Stores, and you will definitely get much better results. YL has an extensive Seed to Seal Process that ensures their oils are pure from the growing process until after distillation. They own their own farms, and they do 3rd party testing to ensure their oils are pure and safe. This is why I use YL. When you are putting something concentrated on your skin, you want to be sure it is pure and unadulterated! Our skin absorbs a lot of what we put on it, including toxins! The FDA does not regulate natural products, so any oil company can say they are natural or organic and can add whatever they want to their essential oils! Just by opening up a bottle of Young Living Essential Oils you can immediately tell a difference. Young Living allows anyone to come and tour their farms. They have nothing to hide. Watch this video about YL to learn how why their products are so pure and effective!

In the picture above, you can see the oils that are on sale for 20% off through the end of today. Thieves is probably the most popular one, as it has been known throughout history to protect people’s health. We rub this oil on the bottom of our toes or diffuse it to stay healthy in the Winter. I put it on my kids before we go anywhere where other kids may be sick.

I personally love Lavender for it’s calming properties. It helps me sleep at night, and if I want stress relief, I add a few drops to Epsom salts and add them to my bath at night! Tea Tree has been known for its properties for helping skin health. I use that in my kids’ baths in the same way. I add a couple of drops to a cup of Epsom salts and stir it into their warm bath. I do also add a few drops of Lavender too, to help them fall asleep quickly!

Stress Away is another favorite of mine. It smells like a tropical vacation. Keep this oil with you during the rush of this holiday season to stay calm, and grounded. We love diffusing this during bath time or anytime we want to relax.

Digize is great for if you may have had too many treats at a holiday party, or if you want to protect yourself when others around you have stomach issues. We use this preventatively when we know we have been exposed to the “stomach flu”. It is great to prevent any kind of stomach issues and improves digestion. Panaway is a favorite to soothe sore muscles. It’s great to use after a workout, or to rub into legs and calves after a big shopping trip! It’s cooling and soothing and will help post-shopping trip or holiday workout recovery. All of these oils are wonderful and will help keep your health strong throughout the holiday season!

We also have a few diffuser sets and oil sets on sale today! See the pictures below or click here for more info on the sets! These sets are a great way to jumpstart your health before the New Year! These oils are all amazing, and the diffusers are just beautiful!

There are 2 ways you can purchase through this sale. 1.) If you become a Member, you can get 24% off all of your purchases from now on, and get a bigger discount on these products, or 2.) You can pay retail, and you still get the special Black Friday discounts through tonight. If you want to sign up for a Membership and have access to discounts on all oils in the future, use this link here. To just see the Black Friday Sale, extended now through the end of today (Saturday), click here.

This beautiful diffuser is on sale bundled with these special oils, that you can only get through this sale!
These sets are also on sale through Saturday night!

I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season, and a happy, healthy, New Year!

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